Back-story, melodrama and undead-dog-killing abound in the latest RE: Revelations 3DS trailer.

OK, enough of Jill Valentine wandering mansion corridors looking for Chris Redfield, already. He’s not there, obviously. Capcom’s latest Resident Evil: Revelations trailer gives us a glimpse of Chris and his new partner Jessica poking around a plane crash site in a snowy setting and over-the-shoulder-shooting their way through enemy-laden caves.

The GamesCom trailer dabbles in the sexy-secret-agent side of the story, where Chris discovers yet another infection. The brief gameplay showcase hits on basic puzzle-solving and combat stuff, as well as Jessica saving Chris’ bacon from brain-biting bad guys. As expected, it’s a whole lot of pew-pew murder and obtuse fetch-questing in itty-bitty bunches of video.

Despite the surprising lack of actual zombies, this is a Resident Evil game from top to bottom, and it’s more of what impressed us at E3. Revelations is really showing what a graphical powerhouse the 3DS can be with the flaming wreckage scenery as well.

Resident Evil: Revelations and its ridiculously pretty graphics hit the 3DS in 2012.

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