League of Legends skins

Miss out on some of the limited edition League of Legends skins from past events? Soon, you’ll have another chance to pick them up.

During special events from December 2009 through October 2011 (such as Halloween and Christmas), Riot released 34 League of Legends skins for a limited time and communicated they wouldn’t come back into the store. The “conundrum” the company is facing is that the playerbase has grown exponentially since then, and these skins have become rarer than hen’s teeth. Because of this, Riot has decided to make these retired skins available once again during the following months:

  • Harrowing 2010 & 2011 skins during October 2013
  • Snowdown Showdown 2009 & 2010 skins during December 2013
  • Winter Games 2010 skins during February 2014
  • World Cup 2010 skins during June 2014

For those of you dedicated few who bought these skins when they were first made available, don’t worry, Riot plans to compensate you for your skin’s drop in rarity. Owners of these 34 skins will receive RP equal to the price they paid for the skin, “Vintage treatment” in the loading screen whenever they use the skin, and a special summoner icon.

Going forward these 34 skins will be considered Legacy skins, and may on rare occasion also come back for future events without additional compensation. Riot has no plans to bring back any of the earned Limited Edition skins that were rewarded for events or achievements and never appeared in the store (such as UFO Corki).

To put into perspective just how rare these skins are, The most common, Bewitching Nidalee, appears once every 971 games in NA, while the least common, Ice Toboggan Corki, appears once every 116,586 games in NA.

Additionally, Riot revealed that they would be taking part in a Reddit AMA on Tuesday October 15, at 12pm Pacific Time, if you have any further questions.

Source: League of Legends

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