Ricky Gervais, the award-winning comedian behind the television hits The Office and Extras, will be making his latest star turn in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto IV.

Kotaku has reported on an article in ShortList magazine, which reveals Gervais’ presence in the game. Players will be able to find Gervais inside a “digital comedy club,” where he will perform three-minute skits of brand new material along with classic Fame gags. “It’s a first – which always interests me,” Gervais told the magazine. “It was shot in New York, my favorite place in the world, and I got to wear a tight Lycra suit as part of the digital process. No, hold on, that wasn’t so good. Unfortunately they captured the whole horror, except I look slightly tougher.”

“It’s seriously a big deal, though. Games have outsold Hollywood for the past few years so it’s nice to be a small part of that,” he added.

Although best known as the star and creative force behind The Office and Extras, Gervais has also had roles in the movies Night at the Museum and Stardust, and guest-starred in television shows including Alias and The Simpsons. He also provided voice work for Sierra’s Scarface: The World Is Yours.

The article implied that Gervais would turn up in the game outside the confines of the comedy clubs, but did not divulge any further details. Grand Theft Auto IV hits the shelves on April 29 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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