Rise of the Triad: Still Ludicrous After All These Years


The “Rebooting a Classic” production diary takes an inside look at the development of the new Rise of the Triad.

I don’t remember Apogee’s Rise of the Triad in any great detail. It was a long time ago, and my frustration with all the jumping bits, whirling razorblades and other such irritations led me to give up on it long before the finish. But the shooting parts were a lot of fun and featured a level of insane gibbage that took the game above and beyond what most of its contemporaries dared consider.

Based on the “Rebooting a Classic” production diary, the new Rise of the Triad will bring that same kind of crazy gameplay to modern audiences, with a few “improvements,” like, say, the ability to saw a man in half with a pair of .45s. And any game that lets you do that can’t be all bad, right?

Interceptor is also getting a helping hand from Apogee Software, including “key team members” who worked on the original game. “The best part was, we were given the creative freedom to take the original design to the next level and create a game we would want to play today,” COO Khaled Ibrahimi explained. “We set out to mix some of today’s modern gameplay techniques and visuals and combine that with [the] innovative and ridiculous design from Rise of the Triad, and see what we could come up with.”

The big question is whether or not this kind of thing will fly with contemporary gamers. Serious Sam 3 did well for itself but it’s a bit of an anomaly, and while the years between The First Encounter and BFE may not have been overly fruitful, they at least kept the game relatively fresh in the minds of the audience. Rise of the Triad is much closer to being a brand-new game, and it’s not the sort of thing that Halo or Call of Duty fans are used to.

Rise of the Triad is currently slated to come out for the PC in early 2013. Find out more at

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