The 1989 movie starring Patrick Swayze as a bouncer was planned for the videogame treatment.

Via an extremely unlikely source, it has been revealed that an extremely unlikely game may have been in development. A story on Playboy (yes, that’s a link to Playboy, and probably not safe to click at work) covering a con-artist named Dennis Montgomery that scammed the government into thinking he could predict terrorist attacks also uncovered that the man’s history may have included the development of a Road House videogame.

Road House was a movie released in 1989 that starred Patrick Swayze as the bouncer above all others, who could straighten out even the toughest of foes with a lethal spin-kick. I must admit, I’ve never seen the movie, and all I know of Road House is what Family Guy told me in a recent episode. While video links to this knowledge will be inevitably be taken down, here’s one anyway. The moral of the movie is evidently that a spin-kick can solve everything.

According to this video of the final fight in the movie, this appears to be true. Patrick Swayze does spin kicks, and saves the day. I don’t see what else is needed to build a videogame around.

It’s just as likely that Road House was never planned to be a videogame either. Montgomery was a scam artist, and once told hire Sloan Venables, video game designer for Ted Nugent Wild Hunting Adventure, that he was abducted by a UFO, so he may have been somewhat loopy as well. We can only hope that the Road House videogame rights are still floating around and will make their way into capable hands someday. There’s no way that kicking ass in a bar doing spin-kick after spin-kick wouldn’t be game of the century.

On second thought, a Road House game would suck.

Via: Kotaku

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