Robot Chicken Creators: Star Wars Sitcom Will Be “Awesome”


Don’t be worried about the new Star Wars animated sitcom. Seth Green is promising he won’t mess things up.

When LucasFilm announced that a Star Wars sitcom was in the works, there was a lot of groaning from the fan community. The Prequel Trilogy was bad enough for many, but announcing a sitcom seemed like the kind of daft planning that led to the creation of the Star War Holiday Special. When it was revealed that Seth Green and Matthew Senreich – the guys behind Robot Chicken – were collaborating with Lucas on the new show, people started breathing a little easier. While the show is a few years away from coming out, Seth Green is promising that it won’t be an insult to fans of the (good) Star Wars films.

Io9 recently had an opportunity to speak to Green and Senreich at Comic-Con, with the subject of the conversation naturally being about the duo’s various Star Wars projects. Initially, Green was apparently pretty hesitant when it came to discussing the new show, but he finally opened up. “It’s probably like two years, legitimately, before anybody will have anything real to say about that,” he said. “It’s so early, but it is going to be awesome. I promise, we’re not going to fuck it up. We take it really seriously. We won’t abuse [your] trust.”

Senreich and Green have a lot of credibility right now. While Robot Chicken is hysterical, the two Star Wars specials that have spun off from the show have been a scream. On top of that, both men admit they’re fanatics in love with the movies. From the sound of things, this new animated sitcom is in good hands.

Source: io9

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