The rumors are true: LEGO Rock Band is real and it’s coming this year.

The existence of the game first slipped out as the result of an early draft of a Game Developers Conference presentation by Dan Teasdale of Harmonix. In it was a slide showing the timeline of the Rock Band and Guitar Hero franchises, among them one labeled very clearly with the word LEGO. Further evidence came in a later slide referring to an unannounced project that Teasdale would be showing at GDC; it was all quite compelling except for the simple fact that the whole idea seemed a bit silly.

But silly or not, it’s now official: WBIE, TT Games, LEGO, Harmonix and MTV are getting together to rock the blocks in LEGO Rock Band, a “family friendly music experience” aimed at teens and tweens. LEGO Rock Band will feature multiplayer rock ‘n’ roll action combined with the “fun, customization and humor” of the LEGO game series and will support standard Rock Band instruments and other music game controllers.

The game will ship with music suitable for young gamers including “Song 2” by Blur, “Kung Fu Fighting” by Carl Douglas, “The Final Countdown” by Europe, “Boys and Girls” by Good Charlotte and “So What” by Pink. Gamers will rock out in a wide variety of locations done LEGO style and will be able to customize their avatars, bands and entourage.

LEGO Rock Band is built around the same values of imagination and family-friendly creative role play that is present in other LEGO videogames,” said LEGO Group Vice President Henrik Taudork Lorensen. “It will deliver innovative new elements of game play that complement the fun of the Rock Band experience.”

LEGO Rock Band is being developed for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo DS and is scheduled for release in time for Christmas 2009.


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