Rockstar Releases Details of Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition


Rockstar has released details about the Special Edition of its upcoming Grand Theft Auto IV, the latest addition to the GTA series.

The package for the SE version of the game will be a customized metal Grand Theft Auto safety deposit box. Along with the game itself, the Special Edition release will include an art book featuring previously-unreleased GTA IV production artwork, a soundtrack cd with new material unavailable in the standard release, an exclusive Rockstar keychain, and a limited-edition Rockstar duffel bag.

The company has made available images of some of the included swag: the duffel bag, art book, safety deposit box and keychain, soundtrack and an overview of the whole package. A new trailer, “Looking For That Special Someone,” will be released on the GTA IV website tomorrow.

The Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition will retail for $89.99 in North America, and is available for pre-order from various retailers as well as the Rockstar Warehouse. The game is scheduled to ship on October 16 in North America, and October 19 in Europe.

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