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Rogue Legacy 2 Release Date Set for Genealogical Roguelite Action This Month

Rogue Legacy 2 release date trailer April 28, 2022 Cellar Door Games Xbox One Series X S PC Steam Epic Games Store roguelite family

Cellar Door Games has announced a final release date for Rogue Legacy 2 of April 28, 2022 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. The roguelite 2.5D action game has been available in early access on PC since August 2020. It is the sequel to the hit 2013 game Rogue Legacy, and it is aiming to vastly surpass the original in all respects.

Cellar Door Games offered the following about the game while announcing the release date: “Our goal for Rogue Legacy 2 was always to make ‘Rogue Legacy 3‘ because we didn’t want to settle for just more. It had to stay true to the original, but also stand on its own as something new. After nearly four years of development, bringing it to the fans is the final step in this long journey, and we hope they find it as special as we do.”

Rogue Legacy 2 offers 15 different classes to play as across distinct and colorful biomes, and it has several Metroidvania elements as well. One of the main gimmicks of the game though is that it is a “genealogical rogue-LITE.” When a character dies in this game, their offspring carries on in their stead, so there are persistent upgrades and the ability to amass family wealth. Eventually, your family will be developed enough to counter whatever randomly generated challenges appear.

Check out the animated Rogue Legacy 2 release date trailer if you appreciate cartoony action.

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