Roll in Style With This R2-D2 Costume


This R2-D2 costume is so cool that it would even make a Jedi jealous.

Some of the most amazing sci-fi costumes are the ones that are home-made, like the animatronic Elite costume we found this summer. Now, a new entry to the Escapist’s Wall of Costume Fame has been discovered: an animatronic R2-D2 costume that you can drive.

The video at right was created and uploaded by YouTube user “dmalford1.” According to the description, this is, “an R2D2 robot that is big enough for a full size person to fit in. Equipped with sounds, internal fans, LEDs, motors and rotating dome. Made out of a plastic barrel.”

The costume is certainly impressive to watch in action, especially given how smoothly it moves and turns. I half expected for it to use a camera system for navigation, but there seems to be a slit the driver can look through when sitting in the costume. There are a lot more details I’d like to know about this creation, like how long it took to build and what dmalford1’s technical background is, but the man clearly deserves some kudos for this masterpiece.

Source: Geeks Are Sexy

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