Round 4 Voting Now Open!


From the wreckage of Round 3 comes The Great Eight, who will now compete for the Division title and a chance to enter the Field of Four.

This year’s March Mayhem: Developer’s Showdown was nothing short of amazing, and it brought Number 1 and 2 seeds to face off in 3 out of the 4 divisions. However, something completely different is taking place in the North Division.

The North Division has faced multiple upsets, with 2 of the Round 3 match-ups causing fireworks in the forums. Read on to find out who finally trumped reigning champion, Turbine, and the unforeseen progress of Zynga towards the finish line.

  • (1) Turbine versus (4) Square Enix: Two time champion, Turbine, faced off against Square Enix in Round 3. While the bruises and cuts were too many to count, the fans of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Dragon Quest took down the colossus, Turbine, for the first time in March Mayhem history. Square Enix will now face what seems to be the toughest competitor is this year’s March Mayhem: Zynga.
  • (3) Rockstar North versus (7) Zynga: The constant back and forth barrage of fans cheering for their favorite led to Zynga once again taking down its competition, Rockstar North and the Grand Theft Auto series, in another North Division upset. Zynga will now face Square Enix for the Division title and a key into the Field of Four.

The voting is now open, so make sure you check out the other match-ups today, which will no doubt be epic!

  • West Division: (1) Nintendo versus (2) Blizzard
  • East Division: (1) Valve versus (2) Bethesda
  • South Division: (1) BioWare versus (2) Relic
  • Good luck to all of the remaining The Great Eight developers!

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