Rube Goldberg Machine Becomes World’s Most Complicated Camera


There have to be easier ways to take a photo than this – though few are cooler.

We here at The Escapist are more than a little fond of Mr. Rube Goldberg and the intricate machines that bear his name. We even made him the answer to our one-of-a-kind pony badge contest back in the day!

The video you see here to the right is a photography-themed Rube Goldberg machine created by the photo wizzes at 2D Photography. Many of the little devices and gizmos involved in the grand machine are pieces of genuine photography equipment, from tripods to expensive-looking lenses and even entire photo booths (well, fake photo booths).

As with all good Rube Goldberg machines, though, the complexity eventually leads to a very mundane end. But that’s okay; these things are all about the journey rather than the result, right?

I’m not sure how much all this photography equipment costs, but fellow newsie Mike “vansau” Thompson – a photographer himself – estimates that it cost about “a buttload” of money.

Sounds about right.

(2D Photography, via Geeks Are Sexy)

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