PvP arena combat and playable, fire-breathing doom lizards might be coming to BioWare’s largest fantasy franchise.

According to an industry insider, BioWare has decided to move its popular Dragon Age franchise beyond its traditionally single-player model. It’s still unclear if the mode will be part of a seemingly inevitable third installment of the series or the basis of a standalone spinoff title (like Guardian of Light was to Tomb Raider). What he or she was sure of, however, was that it was being built on DICE’s Frostbite 2 game engine, the same used for Battlefield 3.

The game’s multiplayer will reportedly be arena-based, combining or allowing PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player versus player). The source also claims that we’ll be seeing some PvP-CD, which is a term I just invented for “player versus player-controlled dragons.” Yes, supposedly, there will be playable dragons. According to the source, things already look “stunning.”

Playing as a dragon and trying to turn one of my buddies into the middle third of a s’more manwich sounds like it could be fun, but I think the question that gamers will likely ask is: why? They asked it when Mass Effect announced the mode, and EA is kidding itself if it doesn’t think players will ask it now. Still, Guardians of Light worked well enough, and if done in the right way, Dragon Age is a robust enough concept for this to work too. That being said, this is still all just a rumor folks, so, for now, keep that anger and/or excitement in your greaves.

Source: Kotaku

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