Rumor: Microsoft in Talks to Buy Silent Hills, Make it Xbox Exclusive – Update


Rooster Teeth is claiming an anonymous source said Microsoft is trying to buy the property for “billions” of dollars.

Update: Sorry guys, this one was a fake. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has stated via Twitter that the rumor is untrue.

Original Story: Here’s a big one from the rumor mill today, so please take this with a healthy dose of salt. Rooster Teeth, the folks behind critically acclaimed machinima Red vs. Blue, are claiming that an anonymous source within Microsoft has told them the company’s plans to purchase Silent Hills, the game Konami is trying to erase all existence of. According to the source, Microsoft is desperately trying to purchase the property in time for this year’s E3, where it will reveal it as an Xbox One exclusive. The dollar amount for the sale is reportedly in the billions.

To add legitimacy to the rumor, Rooster Teeth is claiming that this anonymous source is the very same source that correctly predicted the kinect-less Xbox One.

The source says that the reason Konami has been trying so hard to scrub Silent Hills‘ playable teaser from the PlayStation store was due to a show of good faith to Microsoft. It also claims that the game was roughly 80% complete when Konami cancelled it.

This rumor isn’t too far-fetched. Silent Hills was a pretty hotly anticipated title, and the way Konami has gone about it after it’s cancellation has certainly been very… odd. Furthermore, Microsoft certainly isn’t opposed to dropping such a big dump of money on a video game property, having bought Minecraft for $2.5 billion last year.

I guess Xbox One-exclusive Silent Hills is better than no Silent Hills at all (although I’m sure some fanboys will be too happy to disagree with me…).

Source: Rooster Teeth

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