Sega is apparently planning to release a number of Dreamcast games for the PS3 and 360, thanks to a listing that GameStop temporarily had on its website.

Sega’s been spinning out its Dreamcast library for current consoles bit by bit, with titles like Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi hitting the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live recently. However, it seems like this might be just the start of a larger plan to release a number of Dreamcast titles for both the PS3 and the 360.

GameStop temporarily listed a “Dreamcast Collection” from Sega for the consoles, with a release date of February 15 and a selling price of $29.99. Of course, the listing has since been taken down, but was able to capture the screenshot seen at right.

No further information about the rumored title has been revealed, including what titles would be included. In fact, it isn’t even clear if this will be a boxed title, since GameStop has started selling PSN/XBLA content, there’s a strong possibility that this might actually be codes that one buys at the store to redeem online. Until this is confirmed by either GameStop or Sega, this is staying in the “rumor” category.

Source: Geek

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