One of gaming’s most popular franchises is rumored to be making an entry into Microsoft’s motion-controlled future world.

Guess what Sonic fans? Did you think that the really sweet looking Sonic 4 would be the only Sonic the Hedgehog title to come out this year (along with Sonic Colors)? A “superspy” has told Joystiq that this may not be the case, and that Natal is involved.

Before you strap on those new red sneakers and prepare to destroy your throw rug by running in circles, the game Sega is rumored to be developing for Natal is called Sonic Free Riders. Yeah, it’s a new entry in the Sonic Riders series, a hover-board racing game previously seen on the PlayStation 2 and the Wii. But hey, it’s still a Sonic game!

Sonic Free Riders, if it turns out to be more than a rumor, will be motion-controlled through Microsoft’s Project Natal camera system. Players will somehow steer with nothing but their own bodies, collect weapons by reaching out, and attack other racers by motioning towards them. If it turns out to be a two-player game, I’m envisioning a few 10-year-olds with bruises and black eyes when this “motioning” turns into punches and dropkicks aimed at friends.

Free Riders isn’t the Natal bombshell we might have all been hoping for, but it’s a good indication that we’ll see more than mini-game collections to use Natal with. I still don’t think Sonic Free Riders will justify Natal’s also rumored $149 price, which almost seems way too high to be true at this point. Maybe Sonic Low Riders, or Sonic Ghost Riders of the Whip, but not Sonic Riders translated to a controller-less motion game. Then again, who knows, maybe Sonic Free Riders will be an amazingly fun title and will show off the true genius of Natal.

Source: Joystiq

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