The Kickstarter for RuneQuest: Classic Edition has raised more than 96,000 dollars and is still going strong.

Originally released at the end of 1970s, RuneQuest impressed many gamers with its then unorthodox mechanics and character building options. Quickly gaining prominence, it was one of the most successful RPGs of its day and even managed to rise high enough to position itself as a rival to the TSR’s Dungeons & Dragons. Sadly, the game’s fortunes wouldn’t remain as positive as time wore on. While its first and second editions were well-regarded, reactions to later editions were less warm. Sadly, the game’s second and most popular edition would eventually go out of print, leaving many new gamers unable to conveniently experience RuneQuest in its prime. Thanks to a recent Kickstarter however, that will soon no longer be the case.

With the 50th anniversary of RuneQuest‘s Glorantha setting on the horizon, the folks over at Moon Design Publications launched a campaign back in November with the intention of raising funds to produce and sell a reprint of the game’s beloved second edition. Fans of the game, not surprisingly, responded enthusiastically. Originally seeking 30,000 dollars, the campaign was fully funded in less than five days and, since then, has raised more than 96,000 dollars. With more than two weeks left before it comes to a close, we’re willing to be it will climb a lot higher.

Along with the main 144-page core rule book, Moon Design will also be producing a GM screen for the game as well as special leatherette editions of the rule book and player handouts to accompany them. People interested in lining up a copy of the new print can contribute 30 dollars to receive a hardcover copy. A 50 dollar contribution will net a leatherette version of book. Backers who give 100 dollars meanwhile, will receive that and other content along with The Old School RQ Source Pack. The Source Pack contains four supplements written and published for the first and second editions of RuneQuest. The campaign will come to a close on December 21st.

Source: Kickstarter

Disclosure: The author of this news story has contributed funds to the RuneQuest Classic Edition Kickstarter.

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