Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer Debuts


First official trailer premieres for the much-anticipated anime reboot

Here’s the first trailer for Sailor Moon Crystal, the highly-anticipated new anime adaptation of the classic manga series.

Originally published in 1992, Sailor Moon follows the adventures of a group of schoolgirl best friends who, er… moonlight as a team of magical superheroes charged with defending the Earth from incursion by demonic forces. A previous animated adaptation, begun shortly after the manga, became one of the most popular and trendsetting anime programs of all time and a major part of the genre’s emergence into U.S. mainstream popularity in the 1990s.

Crystal is being touted as a more faithful translation of the original manga. Viz Media, which owns U.S. distribution rights to the entire franchise and is currently streaming the 90s anime on Hulu, is planning to begin streaming this new version (with a new English dub planned as well) in late 2014 with a DVD/Blu-ray release to follow.

Source: sailormoon-official

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