Saints Row IV Promo Brings the Penetrator to Shadow Warrior


Saints Row IV owners who purchase the upcoming Shadow Warrior will find that the game packs a little extra Wang.

You know what the Penetrator is, right? No? It’s essentially a giant pink-purple dong that made its debut as a melee weapon in Saints Row: The Third, and while it looks like it’s maybe a lightsaber or an oddly-colored baseball bat from a distance (a long distance), there’s no mistaking what it is up close. It’s sufficiently peen-ish, in fact, that it had to be censored in the Japanese version of the game.

Naturally, the Penetrator returned for Saints Row IV, and soon it will spread its batwings even wider: to Shadow Warrior, the upcoming shooter from Flying Wild Hog and – you guessed it – Devolver Digital.

“I’m sorry, I can’t really hear you over the sound of all that money being thrown at screens around the world,” Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker said in a press release. “And I don’t know what to tell you other than you can now wield a giant purple dildo from Saints Row IV in Shadow Warrior. There’s your headline, nerds.”

I guess that does say it all: Anyone who owns Saints Row IV on Steam and purchases Shadow Warrior will be able to replace the game’s katana with a huge neon dildo. There are pictures, for those who have (perfectly understandable) doubts.

So who wants some wang?

Shadow Warrior comes to Steam on September 26.

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