A video promoting THQ’s Homefront vividly shows the future history of an American city before a Korean invasion.

Kaos Studios and THQ have really been trying to sell the concept behind the invasion of U.S. soil by Korean forces in Homefront. Set in 2027, America is weakened by economic collapse and is occupied by forces under the control of the son of current North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Il. Written by John Milius (Red Dawn, Apocalypse Now), Homefront allows the player to take part in an underground resistance movement against the Koreans. A new website for the game shows a map of the U.S. with different locations giving details on the occupation. The most evocative of which shows user-footage of the bombing of Salt Lake City, but the reverse terrorist video of guys in Montana forcing a Korean to speak against his government is pretty creepy too.

Homefront is due out March 8th in the US and March 18th in the EU on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

While I’m not sure how great the game is going to be, the marketing campaign and the concept of Homefront has me thoroughly intrigued. There’s something tantalizing about turning the tables of an invasion on American soil as opposed to fighting overseas. The last war fought in this nation’s territory was against ourselves, after all.

If your interested on how the game plays, check out Steve Butts’ preview and Mr. Funk’s hands-on with the multiplayer. Here’s a trailer-ey roundup of all of the video content, but it’s worth checking out the website to explore the nuances of the resistance movement.

Source: Homefront

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