Sam and Max Fan Efforts Lead to Talks for Possible Wii Title


In response to the efforts of enthusiastic fans, Nintendo and Telltale Games are now discussing the possibility of a Sam and Max title for the Wii console.

Telltale games has announced that they have been contacted by Nintendo as a result of fans’ pleas for a Wii sequel to the former LucasArts adventure title.

The impetus for the fans’ efforts apparently arose from comments made by Telltale CEO Dan Connors during a presentation at last month’s Penny Arcade Expo. Connors reportedly opined that Sam and Max would be a good title for Nintendo’s upcoming Wii console, and after his sentiments were noted on gaming sites GoNintendo and, fans began emailing Telltale to express their interest.

Telltale responded to the emails last Thursday in a blog entry. “We’d love to bring Sam & Max to the Wii,” said web marketing coordinator Emily Morganti. “Thing is, us thinking it’s a great idea isn’t enough. We need the guys at Nintendo to agree. And with a company as big as Nintendo, getting noticed by the right people can be tricky.” Morganti urged fans to contact Nintendo directly, musing, “Maybe if enough fans write in, they’ll take notice?”

It appears that enough fans did write in, because late last Friday afternoon, Morganti announced that Telltale had received a call from Nintendo. “We’ll take it from here,” she wrote, requesting that no more emails be sent. No further details have been released at this time.

Comic book characters Sam and Max made their video game debut in LucasArts’ 1993 adventure title Sam and Max Hit the Road. When a planned sequel was cancelled in 2004, LucasArts developers intent on reviving the title founded Telltale games. As reported earlier this month, this October Telltale games will debut the first installment of new Sam and Max episodic gaming content via the GameTap subscription service for the PC.

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