Samsung Registers “Gear VR” Trademark, Most Likely for Rumored VR Headset


Samsung seems to be entering the VR headset market with a device called simply, “Gear VR.”

Electronics and tech giant Samsung is not only working on Smartwatches and a potential “Google Glass” eyewear competitor, but it seems dead set in entering the virtual reality sector as well. Just a few weeks ago, we reported that Samsung could possibly be collaborating with Oculus for its own VR headset that will allow users to plug their phone directly into the headset, which will allow their phone’s camera to provide a video feed to the outside world. That rumor seems to have been kicked up a notch, as Samsung has now filed a trademark for the simple name of “Gear VR.”

Once considered a niche market by technophiles, it now looks like virtual reality will be pushed hard for commercial use in the future. To date, we have Oculus VR, Sony with it Project Morpheus device and now Samsung set to battle it out on the virtual reality field. If that wasn’t enough, while Nintendo claims the tech isn’t ready just yet, the company has said that if and when it does, it will be on board as well.

For more VR-related goodness, make sure you read on The Escapist’s hands-on with Project Morpheus, which went better than expected and didn’t leave our own Josh Vanderwall with any feeling of nausea after taking the device off.

Are you ready for virtual reality headset to be the norm in the next few years? What would take for the tech to be embraced commercially by everyone?

Source: Engadget

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