Samsung: Welcome To The Translucent, Twitter-Enabled Future


Samsung debuted its new “smart window” technology at this year’s CES and, no hyperbole, it’s the coolest thing in the history of forever!

Remember last October when we brought you this story about Samsung’s plans to turn ordinary, translucent windows into interactive display screens? That was funny, wasn’t it?

“Samsung is going to turn my window into a computer screen? Oh really? Is that before or after we’re zooming around in flying cars? And when do I get a subservient sex robot?” Then, comment complete, you would scoff, and go about your daily lives, content in the knowledge that you are one of the few people daring enough to cynically respond to something on the internet.

Well Captain Sarcasm, Samsung actually made that crazy translucent window display, and it demoed the technology at the recent Consumer Electronics Expo in Las Vegas. How does it look? Check out the clip embedded at top-right and see for yourself.

First of all, propers to the fine people at Mobile Nations for producing that clip, and double propers to hostess Ashley Esqueda for not having an aneurysm on seeing that technology in action. That is some seriously futuristic tech right there. It’s the kind of thing we’ve been promised in sci-fi movies for years, and there it is, in reality, ready to be filled with all kinds of horrifying pornographic pop-ups the moment you click the wrong link.

As Ms. Esqueda points out, Samsung is readying the technology for mass production, so I wouldn’t expect to see this kind of thing popping up around town, say, tomorrow. However, those of you sitting in a college dorm, reading this text and hoping against hope that you’ll be able to find a job with your largely useless art history degree now have something to look forward to ordering for your first home.

Unless you end up blowing all your savings on the aforementioned sex robots.

Source: Geekologie

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