Sarah’s Jenner Finishes With $122,200


Mechwarrior Online players who purchased Sarah’s Jenner have raised more than $122,000 for cancer research.

Sarah’s Jenner, a Mechwarrior Online campaign in support of cancer research, came to a close yesterday with $122,200 raised for the Canadian Cancer Society. The program was launched in July in memory of five-year-old Sarah Parries, a Mechwarrior Online fan who died of cancer in May, following an “outpouring of support” from players in the wake of her passing.

“The MechWarrior community was so touched by this young girl’s story that they really drove what happened next,” said Infinite Game Publishing President Kelly Zmak. “Reading through thousands of comments on our forums and social pages, IGP and Piranha agreed immediately to create an in-game Mech in Sarah’s honor for charity.”

“We were hoping to raise at least $10,000. We reached $38,000 in the first 48 hours and it just kept going from there,” added Piranha Games Creative Director Bryan Ekman. “Our fans are incredible and we can’t thank them enough.”

The full amount, minus third-party transaction fees, will be presented to the Canadian Cancer Society in a special ceremony attended by Sarah’s family on August 23. IGP and Piranha also encouraged gamers to continue supporting cancer research in Sarah’s name by donating to their local cancer society.

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