Save 61% On Doctor Who At Amazon Today


Prepare to break out your wallets, because Amazon’s got some major discounts on Doctor Who today.

Amazon’s got a pretty sweet theme for its Gold Box Deals this week: “BBC Week”. The deals are, presumably, going to feature some pretty sweet discounts on popular BBC shows from now until Friday, and Amazon’s starting things off with greatly reduced prices on the first four seasons of Doctor Who.

Seasons One through Four have been reduced to $31.49 each, which is pretty inexpensive compared to how much they normally go for. Of course, the Season Five, A Christmas Carol, and the various TV specials weren’t discounted (though, who knows, maybe they will be later this week).

This is certainly a promising start to a week of sales, though now I’m a little curious what else Amazon will put into its Gold Box deals. Being Human and Sherlock seem like relatively safe bets. Personally, I’m hoping Black Books will be discounted. What about you folks? What BBC show would you snatch up if its price was reduced?

Source: Amazon

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