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Save Shadow & Bone Petition Passes 100,000 Signatures

Here is the answer to how many episodes are in Shadow and Bone season 2 on Netflix, which adapts Siege and Storm.

Netflix is no stranger to dealing with public backlash and people campaigning for the streamer to reverse decisions. This situation, however, has gone to another level, as a petition to save Shadow & Bone and its spinoff from cancelation has passed 100,000 signatures.

Why Shadow & Bone Was Canceled

Following the conclusion of the SAG-AFTRA strike, Netflix chose not to move forward with the third season of Shadow & Bone and its spinoff, Six of Crows. It was reported that the second season of the show wasn’t able to replicate the success the first one had, and that, coupled with the strike, was enough for the streamer to pull the plug. However, no matter how Netflix tries to spin it, fans have made it clear their voices will be heard.

What Fans Are Hoping to Gain With the Shadow & Bone Petition

The petition, which you can view and sign here, has already amassed over 125,000 signatures since it went up on Nov. 15. “Netflix has prematurely cancelled any prospects of season 3 and the Six of Crows spin-off. The Crows and Alina deserve to have their stories finished, not left on a ridiculous cliff-hanger and left in the dust,” the petition’s creator, Cryptical 723, explained. “This is a petition to gain attention of other streaming services, such as Amazon, Hulu, HBO, or any other streaming services so we can receive the third season like we deserve. Warrior Nun has done it; the Grishaverse is as large and passionate, and we can do it too. PLEASE SIGN so we get the season 3 and spin-off we deserve!”

As the petition points out, Shadow & Bone wouldn’t be the first series to receive a second life away from Netflix, with Warrior Nun being the most notable example. That series was canceled by Netflix in late 2022, but the show’s creator, Simon Barry, announced that it had been revived as a series of films in 2023 after a grassroots campaign by fans.

Of course, fans hope that Shadow & Bone will have the same luck as Warrior Nun, but for each success story, it feels like there are ten series that never found a new home after being canceled by Netflix. Series like GLOW and The OA come to mind. Regardless of whether it finds a new home, at least the creative team behind Shadow & Bone will know how many lives were touched by the show.

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