Scavenge and Sneak in The War Z‘s Latest Co-Op Trailer


The zombie-survival shooter shows a few improvements over its rival.

There’s another “undead apocalypse” sandbox game shuffling into the scene to join DayZ. The War Z was announced a couple of months ago by new development studio Hammerpoint Interactive, and comparisons were immediately drawn between the two. Some alpha gameplay footage of The War Z was previewed at PAX, and it appears that both games are still looking rather similar right now.

Noticeable differences between the two games include The War Z‘s simplified inventory system compared to DayZ‘s multi-grid layout, as well as higher levels of detail and improved zombie animations in Hammerpoint’s offering. The video exhibits some slow, cautious gameplay, with plenty of voice chat, flashlights in darkness, scavenging, light and sound meters, and a couple of zombies thrown in for good measure.

An official FAQ states that the MMO focuses on exploration and interaction in the sandbox, rather than storyline. “We’re creating an open world for players to live in, explore and ultimately create their own experience,” it reads.

“There are no character levels or unrealistic stats, skills or abilities to learn and new players just joining the game will be on almost the same level playing field as a player that has been playing for a month.”

The War Z will be sold as a single-purchase download, with microtransactions taking the place of subscription fees. Payments will take place via in-game stores and a frontend Marketplace, but the developers stress that there will be no “pay to win” advantage. The company is also offering private server rental, with support for between 70-250 players.

Closed beta testing is scheduled to start “by the end of summer” for people who pre-order the game, with a launch due for autumn.

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