Scientifically Accurate Pokemon Will Make You Question Ash’s Ethics


Ash Ketchum and Michael Vick have more in common than I would like to admit.

The folks behind “Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man” and “Scientifically Accurate DuckTales are at it again (clicking on these links might not be safe for work, by the way). But this time, Fox’s Animation Domination High-Def (ADHD) crew has set its sights on Pokémon.

In the real world, a career as a Pokémon trainer is far less glamorous than we’ve been led to believe. Ash Ketchum’s existence has more in common with a homeless drifter than a superstar athlete. Plus, the video points out that Ash’s chosen profession is essentially the same thing that Michael Vick went to prison for.

Back in April, ADHD released a Scientifically Accurate Ninja Turtles video that resulted in a small controversy. Tim Winter, the head of a family advocacy group known as the Parents Television Council, sent a tersely worded letter to Fox Entertainment. “Even if Fox selected only the most benign programs from the ‘ADHD‘ block to spin into a half-hour time slot on Sunday nights,” Winter wrote, “there’s no getting around the fact that the online counterpart makes available mind-blowingly explicit parodies of cartoons beloved by millions of children, all without any parental controls or age restrictions whatsoever.”

So far, Fox hasn’t blinked. The studio declined to comment about the controversy, and has continued releasing hilariously NSFW content online.

Source: YouTube

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