Scrabulous Safe to Return to Facebook?


Hasbro has dropped its lawsuit against the Agarwalla family, creators of popular Facebook application Scrabulous.

The infamous suit came about in January 15, 2008 when the makers of Scrabble filed suing the makers of Scrabulous for copyright infringement. Soon after, Scrabulous was disabled and the real Scrabble was brought onto Facebook.

This summer, EA released an official version of Scrabble for North American Facebook users, but groups like “Save Scrabulous” made the community’s feelings on the matter pretty clear.

Perhaps because of the negative reaction received, Hasbro has dropped the suit. While Scrabulous may have gained a few points (on a double word space, naturally) from this dropping of charges, it’s not over yet.

Mattel, the owner of the trademark outside North America still has a case to put against Scrabulous, and there’s no telling if it will move forward with any legal action.

Source : Slashdot

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