SDCC 2014: Kevin Smith’s Tusk Trailer Makes a Man an Animal


All that separates Man from Animals are the stories he tells. So ask the Walrus what he has to say …

It started with Red State, will finish with Krampus and got its origin story from a Gumtree posting about a landlord willing to let someone live rent free if that someone agreed to dress up as a walrus. Say hello to the official trailer for Tusk, second in Smith’s kinda-horror trilogy, in which things are going very, very wrong for one unlucky podcaster. His best friend and girlfriend will go searching the trackless wastelands of Canada for him, but you have to wonder whether they’ll want to keep him after they find him.

The Gumtree posting turned out to be a fake, planted by a fella named Chris Parkinson who later was brought on board as a producer. The only reason this got made, as opposed to some movie about, I don’t know, the eggman maybe, is because a majority of Kevin Smith’s Twitter followers said #WalrusYes when asked the question, would you like to see this movie made? Turns out they did, so here we are.

Now, some of you out there may have a complicated relationship with Kevin Smith’s career, and that’s perfectly okay. However if you like the idea of chasing a would-be walrus maker in search of a missing podcaster, might be worth checking Tusk out. It’s due September 19th, 2014.

Source: Tusk

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