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Team co-op shooter Second Extinction is changing course and will now launch for Steam Early Access sometime next month. Systemic Reaction revealed the shift in an update post, saying that its current- and next-gen dinosaur game is moving away from its original beta plans. Now, the game’s early build is set to arrive in September, with the developer also revealing that the game is expected to launch on Xbox Series X in 2021. Additionally, Systemic Reaction has revealed its early access War Effort multiplayer mode (via IGN).

Aside from being an important part of the game’s live-service offerings, the studio says War Effort will be “fully fleshed out in Early Access.” Basically, with War Effort, player performance will alter the threat levels of future matches. You can watch the reveal trailer below.

Systemic Reaction explained the reasoning for moving toward Early Access further, saying, “First, foremost and quite simply: A beta would slow us down, preventing us from delivering the best version of Second Extinction’s War Effort metagame. Furthermore, Early Access has emerged as the best way for us to begin this journey with you, allowing us to hit the ground running earlier than initially expected.”

In a separate Q&A post, the studio added that fans who signed up for the beta will be compensated, saying that those affected should keep an eye on their inboxes. The War Support rewards will still work in early access as well, and progress made will carry over after Second Extinction eventually launches in full.

The dinosaur co-op shooter was first revealed during a May Inside Xbox showcase that focused on titles coming to Xbox Series X. Since then, we have learned that Second Extinction will see teams of three gathering resources and surviving hordes of mutated dinos. Systemic Reaction has promised to launch with a few beasts to cut through and four survivors to choose between, with more content lined up to arrive post-launch.

Second Extinction will launch on Xbox Series X in 2021, and Xbox One and PC full releases will presumably follow suit.


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