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Secret Invasion Ending Explained

the Secret Invasion finale & ending fully explained, including what happens to Fury, Giah, and Gravik and its The Marvels connection. G'iah

Secret Invasion is over, with the sixth and final episode airing on Disney Plus. It’s not a happy ending, by any stretch of the imagination, and a few characters have met their ends along the way. But how did Secret Invasion conclude and what does it mean for the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Here is the Secret Invasion finale and ending fully explained.

The Final Episode and Ending of Secret Invasion Explained

Secret Invasion ends with Nick Fury meeting up with Gravik, handing over the Harvest, the collected DNA of the Avengers.

The pair have a heart-to-heart where Gravik reveals that the face he wears is that of the first person Fury had him kill. And Fury admits that he knew, after just a few years, that he couldn’t find the Skrulls a home. And yet he continued to use them as strategic assets, knowing that he’d never deliver.

Gravik uses the Harvest to make himself the ultimate Super Skrull, with all the Avengers’ powers. Except this isn’t Nick Fury talking; it’s Talos’ daughter G’iah, and since she’s also in the power-up chamber, she gets those powers as well.

Her deception does undermine Fury’s confession a little, but she kills Gravik, ending his plot. Meanwhile, the real Nick Fury (with Sonya Falsworth) raids the hospital where President Ritson is being cared for, killing Skrull Rhodey.

Ritson calls off a strike on the rogue Skrull base, New Skrullos. This allows G’iah and company to rescue those who had been copied, Rhodey included. We don’t find out for certain how long Rhodey has been a Skrull for. He’s being carried out, which could mean he’s partially paralyzed, as he was after Captain America: Civil War. That would suggest he’s been human at least up until the end of that movie. Alternatively, it could just mean he’s weak from the stress the Skrull duplication process put on him.

But then, live on TV, he declares that any non-humans are to be considered hostile combatants. That in turn leads to attacks on public figures, with humans gunning down those they believe to be Skrulls.

Sonya Failsworth proposes an alliance with G’iah, with her becoming the Skrulls’ new leader, though she makes it clear she expects things in return. She and G’iah uncover a base of some kind. It’s full of humans, each wired up to some kind of machine, a more advanced-looking version of New Skrullos’ pods.

It’s not clear whether these are the humans that the remaining rebel Skrulls (if there are any) have been using. It could also be that the mainstream Skrulls have been using abducting humans to take on their forms and knowledge.

Failsworth talks about it being “how the enemy got so good,” but we don’t get any more than that. Finally, Nick Fury reconciles with his wife and the pair head off to the S.A.B.E.R. space station.

Here's what you need to know about Secret Invasion's ending explained.

What Does the Secret Invasion Ending Mean for the MCU?

Nick Fury’s return to S.A.B.E.R. ties into the events of the movie The Marvels. And he’s going to be far away from the chaos that’s erupting on Earth. Gravik’s whole secret invasion was indeed secret, and if Ritson had kept his mouth shut, it’d have remained so.

Now? America and possibly the world is set to erupt in a wave of paranoia. Even if people don’t actively go around shooting suspected Skrulls, they’ll be informing on their neighbors, treating others with suspicion and so on. God help the Guardians of the Galaxy if they decide to pay Peter Quill a visit.

At least, that’s what it should mean for the MCU. My gut feeling is that this whole messed-up situation will get the briefest of mentions in The Marvels and will be forgotten about by the time Ironheart rolls around.

As for James “Rhodey” Rhodes, who’s set to star in the Armor Wars movie? He and anyone else who was imitated by a Skrull is likely to be regarded with suspicion, even after their duplicates have been eliminated.

There’s also the question of what that warehouse full of “humans” was for. It’s not the biggest cliffhanger the MCU has delivered, but it has us wondering what’s next.

Will There Be a Season 2 of Secret Invasion?

So far, Disney hasn’t confirmed that there will be a Secret Invasion season 2. The company has said it’ll be releasing less Star Wars and Marvel content going forward so it may be that there’ll only ever be one single season. Will we get a resolution to that sort-of cliffhanger? Hopefully, but knowing Disney it’ll turn up in Fortnite or something.

That is the Secret Invasion finale and ending fully explained.

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