See Borderlands 2‘s Brick Punch Orcs Like a Pro


In this fantasy world, his (?) strength is limitless.

Hokay, here’s the deal: Brick and his buddy Tiny Tina were on their way to a funeral, but things got kind of borked. Now Brick’s pumped full of truth juice and things aren’t looking too good for these captives, but luckily … y’know what? Luckily you can watch the blasted thing, and you can, because it’s here. Yay! This is that same video that was teased a short while back, in case you were wondering.

The latest DLC shows what a badass Bunker Master Tiny Tina is, and here’s more proof, if it were needed. This one isn’t anything to do with the Academy of Art partnership that Gearbox entered into; it was created entirely in-house. Gearbox has been having a lot of fun with these short films, what with meat bicycles and such, so this probably isn’t the last we’ll see of ’em.

In conclusion, punch orcs! They deserve it. Also, Sirens rule, but then everyone with sense knows that.

Source: Gearbox

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