New screens show the dynamic duo on the Enterprise and elsewhere.

Just about every Trekkie out there knows about the new movie debuting in May, but its videogame tie-in has received considerably less press. Part of that is no doubt due to its extremely generic title – Star Trek: The Video Game – but as licensed games go, this one looks better than most, promising a robust co-op mode and a story that builds the reboot universe. A slew of new screenshots illustrate the various adventures that Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock will undertake as they fight the savage Gorn.

The most salient feature of the screenshots is the variety of environments and situations in which the two spacefaring heroes will find themselves. Environments range from jagged mountains to vermilion seasides to the hangar bay of the U.S.S. Enterprise itself. The Gorn look considerably more hostile and threatening than their Original Series or Enterprise counterparts, and a planet called “New Vulcan” will feature prominently in the game.

There’s not much to say beyond that. Star Trek: The Video Game will release on April 23, which should give players plenty of time to complete the campaign before Into Darkness hits theaters. Given the quality of the art design and general game concept, I wish I could say that this game will be a surefire success, but damn it, Jim, I’m a journalist, not a fortune-teller.

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