See the Wii Bowling Ball in Action, Prepare to Break Stuff


Remember hearing about the most dangerous Wii accessory yet – the Wii bowling ball – back in June? Well, here’s a video. Hide your pets.

Not much to say about this one that we didn’t know already: Put the Wii Remote inside the bowling ball, tighten the wrist strap, put your fingers inside the holes, and bowl away!

I’m not buying it, though. Okay, maybe it only weighs 1.1 pounds. Maybe you’re supposed to fix the strap so tight around your wrist you might as well be a hangman in the Old West. Maybe the directions remind you to never, ever actually release the ball. I can accept all of those things.

But this still strikes me as such an apocalyptically bad idea. As if people needed to throw anything bigger and heavier at their TV screens when engaged in a rousing round of Wii Bowling (or Brunswick Pro Bowling, or Ten Pin Alley 2, or AMF Bowling: World Lanes)…

Come to think of it, I didn’t even know they made so many Wii bowling games. Huh.

What do you guys think? Bad idea, or not so potentially catastrophic?

(CTA Digital)

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