How many specials can you spot?

The Day of the Doctor is very close at hand – November 23rd is the due date – and to keep you on your toes, Auntie Beeb has a trailer for you. Watch and enjoy, from the first Doctor to the most current, but bear in mind: there’s more here than meets the eye. Up on your Doctor trivia? We’ll see.

There’s plenty of nods to Doctors past and present – assuming those terms even apply – and if you’re careful, you’ll pick them out. Did you spot Bessie, or the tiny Yetis? Nicely done, and if you want a few more specials and aren’t fussed about finding them yourself, have a look over here. But only look if you haven’t worked out what that number means and aren’t going to find out on your own. What number, you ask? You’ll have to look very closely to spot it …

The anniversary special will be broadcast simultaneously in several different countries, to avoid leaks and spoilers. Among other confirmed cast in the episode is Billie Piper as Rose Tyler and John Hurt as a forgotten past incarnation of the Doctor. Wondering what his role is? So are we all, but you’ll have to wait till November to find out.

Source: Doctor Who YouTube

Note: the original article suggested Piper wasn’t in the trailer, but that’s due to me not seeing her at 0.38 in. My error!

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