Sega Coyly Announces XBLA/SEN Jet Grind Radio


Despite attempts to be mysterious, Sega’s latest announcement is pretty blatantly a reveal of an upcoming Jet Grind Radio port.

A few hours ago, a wordless post appeared on Sega’s official blog under the vague title “Guess Who’s Back?” The post’s sole content was a 21-second video, which you can now see embedded at top-right.

The clip reiterates the post’s grammatically baffling title, hints at a Dreamcast game being brought to the Xbox Live Arcade and erstwhile PlayStation Network, and features a simple, familiar logo, all backed by the kind of upbeat hip hop/techno miasma that was so popular with the company at the turn of the century.

Though the video fails to mention exactly what game it’s promoting, the musical accompaniment should be recognizable to fans of Sega’s Dreamcast offerings, and that logo at the end (which can also be seen in this fan-made image by DeviantArt user IronYaya) cements the mystery game as none other than 2000’s Jet Grind Radio.

Unfortunately, the video lacks any solid info on this XBLA/SEN iteration of the game. We’re offered no release date, no price tag, nor even word on what new features the game might see in its upcoming form.

Though, given how things worked out the last time Sega pulled a stunt like this (for the XBLA/SEN release of Daytona USA), I’d hazard a guess that Jet Grind Radio will be appearing within the next month.

At least that’s my hope, as Jet Grind Radio is all kinds of awesome.

Source: Sega Blog

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