Serious Sam 3 has recently started development over at Croteam, who report that the game is close to getting a publishing deal. For serious.

It’s been a seriously long time since Serious Sam 2 showed just how serious a first-person shooter could get when you fill it with huge guns and huge amounts of ridiculous aliens to blow up. Since then, Croteam hasn’t made a single peep regarding the third game in the series, at least until a couple days ago, when CEO Roman Ribaric revealed that the game is currently in the works and making some serious progress.

Apparently the reason Serious Sam 3 is taking so long is because Croteam has been busy creating its “new next-gen Serious Engine 3 technology,” among other things. Currently, the team is working on three projects, two of which they only recently started development. One of those projects is Serious Sam 3. According to Ribaric, the studio is “pretty close in signing the publishing deal,” which should be good news for series fans (or should I say, serious fans?).

Ribaric reports that “development is going great” and “we will soon have exciting things to show.” Don’t hold your breath though, as “a lot still has to be done, especially on the next Sam game, we don’t have a firm release date on it yet.” Aww, seriously?

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