You seen the guns, now it’s time for the guts in the Serious Sam 3: BFE melee attacks video.

Sometimes, you have to go hands-on. You have to make things personal. You have to put your minigun in your pocket, wade into the fray and throw a few elbows. Or shell rips, boot stomps and neck cracks, as the situation demands.

While Sam’s many guns are free-form instruments of murderous art, his melee repertoire appears to be more specific to the particular enemy he’s fighting. Which makes sense, I suppose; it’d be kind of tricky to snap the neck of a Gnaar or rip the heart out of a charging Kleer Skeleton, after all.

As you’d expect from a Serious Sam game, a lot of these melee maneuvers are devastating and goofy in equal measures. It’s not so much the moves as the names: Ocular Devastation, Cardiac Arrest, Spine Adjustment and of course the Face Lift, which may not offer much in the way of practical value but is most definitely very Serious.

Serious Sam 3: BFE comes out on November 22 for the PC. Console release dates have not yet been announced.

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