Sesame Street Fighter is an Actual Game You Can Play – Update


Sesame Street Fighter is, naturally, educational, designed to teach spelling and typing fluency.

Update: Looks like you guys killed the server! Sesame Street Fighter is down for the time being, so until it comes back up, please enjoy the screenshots in the gallery below.

Original Story: Sesame Street Fighter is the crossover we have all been waiting for, taking six classic Sesame Street characters from your childhood and planting them over the most appropriate Street Fighter characters. Cookie monster is E. Honda, Grover is Dhalsim, Elmo is M. Bison, Oscar is Blanka, and of course, Bert and Ernie as Ryu and Ken. What’s more, the game is, naturally, educational, teaching spelling and typing fluency.

You fight your opponent by quickly typing the words that come on screen, something akin to The Typing of the Dead, or perhaps, more appropriately, The Typing of the Skullgirls. Each character has a “spelling level”, ranging from Cookie, with the easiest, to Elmo, with the hardest.

The game is pretty damn amazing, and is sure to hit plenty of grown-up Sesame Street and Street Fighter fans right in the nostalgia. Unfortunately, there’s no multiplayer mode, so you can only play against computer-controlled bots, but here’s hoping we see some updates.

But I should probably just stop talking and tell you where you can play the game. It’s here. It’s a free browser game. Have at it. Bert OP.

Source: The Creator’s Project

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