Shadow Complex Rendered In Lego


How do you make a well-crafted, best-selling Xbox Live Arcade game like Shadow Complex even better? Recreate the whole thing with Lego bricks.

Crafted by Lego impresario Rod Gillies, the build captures no single scene from the game but instead manages to instantly blend any number of architectural and aesthetic hallmarks from throughout the game.

Most impressive, as GameSetWatch points out, are the small details: The random, near-organic piping, the starred save room door and the makeshift ladder below the easily-accessible HVAC system above the door.

Personally I would love to see Gillies continue to work in the Shadow Complex-in-Lego motif, if only so he could build one of those giant spider robots.

Plus, I think this is the only time we get to talk about the game without someone screeching about Orson Scott Card’s homophobia.


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