Shadow Warrior Trailer: You’ve Got Wang!


Lo Wang wants to know: Do you feel lucky, chump?

We’ve already cooked up a Shadow Warrior preview that looks very promising but I couldn’t resist talking a bit about this new trailer because it so nicely encapsulates what I’ve seen of the game so far. As you can see, Flying Wild Hog’s updated Lo Wang is a seriously suave dude, good with a gun and better with a blade, who cuts down enemies like weeds in a garden and looks good doing it. Most of the time.

Much of the action in this trailer is slower than what you’ll actually experience in the game, presumably so you can fully appreciate the dismemberment and explosions of blood and fire that seem to follow Mr. Wang wherever he goes. Things happen much more quickly when you’re actually playing – although maybe it’s just my lightning-fast hardcore moves that make it seem that way.

Either way, this is Wang, and he’s looking good. He also finally has a release date: Shadow Warrior will launch on September 26 on Steam, GOG, the Humble Store and Get Games. Now who wants some?

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