Sharknado 2: The Second One Trailer


Enough said. Again.

Just so we’re clear, this is the second movie that is actually about a tornado that sweeps a huge number of sharks up out of the ocean causing them to rain down on a major coastal city.

The original Sharknado became unquestionably the biggest breakout hit of the Syfy Original Movies canon when it premiered last year; causing an “is this for real?” furor on social media that led to mainstream media coverage and even a special-event theatrical release. In fact, though its initial airing drew slightly below-average ratings for Syfy, one of its two rebroadcasts (due to massive audience demand) became the most-watched original film encore in the channel’s history. In July, it will return to theaters as a Rifftrax Live event.

The sequel finds surviving castmembers of the original in New York City when another freak tornado picks up and drops a deluge of sharks on the city. At this time, the National Weather Service, which saw fit to comment on the veracity of the original, has offered no comment as to the actual statistical likelihood of a second sharknado actually forming.

Source: Syfy

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