Shogun 2: Total War Story Trailer Demands a Leader


Someone needs to reunite Japan under one banner. Will it be you?

The year is 1477. The old Shogunate that dominated feudal Japan has fallen, leaving the hungry local warlords – once held in check by a greater power – to vie for dominance. With war ravaging the land of the Rising Sun, the Japanese people are suffering the consequences. Now, after decades of conflict, the only way for the strife to end is for a particularly brilliant leader to take his skilled warriors and cow the others into submission.

Might as well be you, right?

The Escapist‘s Steve Butts took a look at The Creative Assembly’s Shogun 2: Total War back in September, and he thought it was shaping up quite nicely. Yes, this trailer weighs slightly on the “cheesy” side, but it’s a nice mixture of cinematic content and in-game footage, and it’s enough to get me excited for the 16th-century-samurai-themed RTS, which is slated to hit shelves next year.

I mean, it has ninjas. What more do you want, huh?

(via VG247)

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