Shoot Your Friends in First Person Mega Man


Hold onto your hats, Mega Man fans! A newly-released Doom mod is letting you step into the blue guy’s boots and shoot up your friends.


Remember that Mega Man mod for Doom II that took everyone by surprise last December? If your reaction to the revelation was an overwhelming desire to pick up a copy of the game, then good news: The demo of Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch has been released to the public.

Mike Hill, the mod’s creator, announced the demo release on his website yesterday. “It didn’t take long before people wanted to take the SGC demo home and play it over the internet,” Hill explained. “Instead of being all exclusive, I decided to just let it go and release the damn thing for people to download and play with their friends.”

The demo consists of substantially more than what was on display last year. There are a total of four maps available, over ten different weapons (faithfully recreated from the Mega Man series. The best part, though, is that the download size is only 28 MB and doesn’t require a copy of Doom to play.

Source: Cutstuff via Joystiq

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