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Should You Enable Follow Recoil Crosshair in CS2?

Counter-Strike 2 CS2 Follow Recoil

In Counter-Strike 2 we get a brand new look and feel for Counter-Strike that really brings it up to modern standards. It’s not just all looks though, there are some great new features that have been baked in to the upgrade to CS2. One update is a new crosshair feature in the settings called ‘Follow Recoil’. Lets go over what the Follow Recoil crosshair setting is all about and if you should use it.

What is the Follow Recoil Crosshair Option in CS2

Follow Recoil is a brand new setting you can turn on in your crosshair settings in CS2. Head to your settings, then Game, then Crosshair, and that’s where you’ll find it. Turning this setting on creates an effect the likes of which I’ve never seen before in an FPS. With this setting on, your crosshair, which is the marking on the screen to indicate where you’re aiming, will dynamically adjust to recoil as your fire. This will feel weird to use at first as normally your crosshair is a static cross or dot on the screen. With this setting enabled, your crosshair will start darting around when you hold down the trigger. This effect is designed to show you where you’re currently aiming even as your weapon kicks around from the recoil. A really interesting feature for sure.

CS2 follow recoil setting

Whether or not your should use Follow Recoil really depends. I would say that it’s going to be a setting that is invaluable for newer players. It can be difficult to learn the spray patterns of the guns in Counter-Strike, especially for the AK. This feature will let you see the recoil patterns visually. This lets you learn them much quicker and you’ll be able to adjust your aim to compensate easier. For example, lets say you’re running up to B site with your AK. You spot a CT guarding the site and go to shoot them in the head. Without Follow Recoil, you’d be aiming at the head and your screen would shake as you fire, but otherwise your crosshair will stay relatively on target as far as you can tell. That’s actually just the static crosshair though. Your actual bullets will probably be peppering the wall around your target.

Static crosshair vs actual bullet spray

With Follow Recoil enabled, your crosshair will start on target and then quickly start to move around to follow the spray of your bullets. You’ll be able to see where your bullets are going and adjust your aiming to get back on target. You’re much more likely to be able to hit that CT player you were spraying at. This is actually something all players can take advantage of, old and new. The guns and spray patterns are all slightly different from CSGO coming in to CS2. I would recommend everyone to at least try out this setting. I don’t think it’s something you’d need to use long term. It could become a bit of a crutch otherwise.

That’s what the Follow Recoil crosshair setting is all about in CS2. It’s a really neat setting and worth trying out at least once.

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