Siberian Alien Outed as Delicious Hoax

Aliens might be among us, but this one is more sandwich than spaceman.

A Russian man who filmed a video that supposedly showed the discovery of the frozen remains of an alien near the Siberian town of Kamensk has admitted that it was all a hoax after the police arrived at his home. The scared moviemaker revealed that the alien was made of bread and chicken, and given a lick of paint to look more authentic.

The video met with startling success when the UFO news site, All News Web posted an English translation of it on YouTube, saying that it was evidence of a government cover up of a recent UFO crash. The video accumulated more than three million hits in just three days, and caught the attention of the chief editor of the Kamensk-Info newspaper, who – fearing that it might be the body of a child – contacted the police. It didn’t take long for the police to track the man down, at which point he showed them his extraterrestrial culinary creation.

According to news site Russia Today, the man will not face any punishment stronger than a stern talking to, as making a fake alien out of things you have in your refrigerator is not really a crime. There are already some conspiracy buffs claiming that this is just a cover story put up to hide the truth – that aliens are among us – but of the two, “Deli Counter ET” is significantly more likely.

As an aside, having watched the video, I have to say that the man behind it should really consider pursuing a career in movie special effects. That’s a pretty impressive alien, especially when you consider how he made it. Just imagine what he could do with the kind of resources that a company like WETA has on hand.

Source: via io9

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