Interactive Data Visualization agrees to offer its SpeedTree software for use in World in Conflict.

Interactive Data Visualization, a developer of simulation and animation game tools, has licensed its SpeedTree software solution to Sierra Entertainment, a division of Vivendi Games, to enhance outdoor environments in upcoming titles, starting with Massive Entertainment’s World in Conflict.

IDV Chief Executive Officer Chris King said, “SpeedTreeRT represents not just years of programming & artistic effort by IDV, but the input of countless studios around the world. We look forward to working with Sierra Entertainment to help them take game features to the next level with one of the game industry’s most recognized middleware packages.”

“The SpeedTreeRT technology provides tremendous life-like and realistic features making players feel as though they are in the game. For the next generation of gaming, SpeedTree software is an important tool to help create out-of-this-world outdoor environments that meet the highest standards of players,” said Brian Leake, Vice President of Technology for Sierra Entertainment.

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