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At Sony’s latest State of Play event today, Sloclap, the developer behind 2017’s Absolver, debuted its new project, Sifu. The game appears to take place in a contemporary city, following a practitioner of Pak-Mei kung fu as they battle through waves of foes.

The official Sifu website (which might be strangely password-protected in certain browsers) provides a few more details, explaining that your quest in the game is to track down your family’s assassins through a range of urban environments, all across the course of one day.

The gameplay seems as though it will be similar to that of Absolver, with players unlocking a host of new skills as the game goes on, though whether it will retain the previous game’s ability to tailor your active skills is unclear. The combat gameplay will also heavily feature environmental interactions, with the developer pledging that throwable objects, windows, and makeshift weapons will all be at your disposal.

Few other details are available at present, but more information is sure to release in the coming months.

Sifu only has a general 2021 release date right now, but it will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via the Epic Games Store whenever it finally does arrive.

You can see the game’s gameplay debut in the trailer embedded below.


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