Signed 360 Not Quite the Prize it Seems


Winning a custom Xbox 360 signed by Peter Molyneux sounds like a pretty good prize right? Wrong.

Lionhead ran a competition a little while back to celebrate the release of the See the Future DLC for Fable II, with the winner scoring a custom Xbox 360 signed by Peter Molyneux.

So when ‘NeoxDonut’ won the grand prize, imagine his surprise when he tried to plug the console in, and found the AV port totally unusable.

Apparently, the guts of the console are from an Xbox 360 Elite, but the case is from a first generation Xbox 360. Check out the picture if you want to see exactly how messed up that looks.

Looks like Lionhead, and Microsoft of course, really dropped the ball on this one.

Source: Kotaku

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